The reason he seems uninterested is because he just doesn’t want you like that. Let me tell you something about men, we go after what we want.


We go after it with determination. The only men who don’t put in work like that are men who lack confidence or men who are not that interested. Ladies when you meet a man that is interested in you, he will consistently carve out a space for himself in your life.


You won’t have to wonder when you’ll hear from him again. You won’t have to guess how he feels about you because he will communicate his emotions as best as he can.

You won’t have to wonder if he wants to be with you exclusively because he will raise that subject and make it very clear that he wants you to be the woman that he needs in his life. He will take time planning out thoughtful dates and not just hit you up in the middle of the night just to chill.

An interested man makes it his goal to build the strongest connection with you that he can, as well as shut down any and all competition. If a man is not pursuing you like that, he is just not that interested in you becarefull.

Finally A Man Ready For Love…
“Would rather break down your barriers instead of breaking your heart. A real man ready for love, is looking for a woman that he can see himself building a serious future with.

He will be committed to investing in you and helping you grow. He understands that your love is paramount and he will treat you like you are a priority. When you voice your concerns about the relationship, he will listen to understand instead of listening to reply. He will be your biggest supporter and your best friend. He will try his best to create a heaven on earth for you, so that he can receive the highest level of your love.”

In addition i pray that God will put an end to all Fake Men that are wasting your efforts In Jesus name Amen. lady Is This too much to asked. ? But you must be serious women too.


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