A Story written by towoju oluwande
Me: Mercy, what do you want from me?
Mercy: Accountant, I want you.


Me: but I told you that I’m engaged to someone

Mercy: yes you told me. But anytime I see you in the church, I see your gentle disposition towards people
most especially towards me and I feel like having you in me

Me: what about you? Don’t you have a boyfriend?

Mercy: I have. But he resides and works in Badagry.

Me: hmmmm

I started playing with her hair. But what I observed is that the more I played with her hair, the more her defences give way. I asked her a question

Me: Mercy, is it okay for me to live with Mrs Adedokun?

Mercy: (facing me) hmmm. I dunno because she is nice but I can’t say about the children.

Me: what I heard is that the woman will turn that person to a boy – boy. Is it true?

Mercy: I can’t say. I just know her from a distance.

I placed a kiss on her lips. She attacked my lips and sucked them like suction pump. I responded by kissing her. She removed my shirt and started playing with my nippl3s. Then she went to my Tips and started sucking it and used one of her hands to finger Bleep herself. She went straight to my trousers, removed it and freed my c^ck. As soon as she saw it she gasped.

Me: why are you shocked?

Mercy: eru lo wa nibiyi (you are endowed)
She started rubbing the cap of the c^ck and was stroking it. I was swooning because that was my most sensitive part. She took the whole c^ck to her mouth and started sucking it. Then she removed her dress and was stark UNCLAD. Her pu33y was well shaven and I loved it.

I wanted to suck her but she declined. She laid beside me and I spooned her from behind. I could not enter her fully because she was very tight. We rocked together for a while and she wanted to come to ride me. But when she saw the fully erect c^ck she was scared

Mercy: Mike, this your pipe can burst my womb o. I can’t ride on this.

She went on fours and I entered from behind. I pummelled her from behind and she was scattering her hairs and was heavily moaning.

I felt her muscles contracted and she fell on the bed exhausted. I removed my c^ck and I entered her missionary way. I Bleep her as if a car that has lost its brake. She climaxed about 3 more times as I wanted to Pour, I removed my c^ck from her and cummed on her belly. I lay beside her exhausted but not satisfied. She was very exhausted to the extent that she just lay sprawled on the bed.

Mercy: (faintly) Mike, do you want to kill me?
Me: (smiled) you are the one that wanted to uproot a palm tree that has spent years
Mercy: you bleeped me like I have never bleeped before.

After some minutes, we went to the kitchen to cook and after we ate, I went to the bathroom to clean up.

When I finished preparing, she came to meet me
Mercy: promise me that you will not leave me.
Me: mercy I can’t promise you that.
Mercy: but why?

Me: you have a guy and I have a lady too and it won’t be nice if we date each other.
Mercy: but when I need your c^ck, (caressing it) I will come for it.

Me: hehehehehehehehe

After spending few minutes with her I quickly rushed to the office. When I checked my phone I saw 37 missed calls and 4 SMS. I noticed that a particular number called me about 32 times and the Senior Pastor called me 5 times. I quickly called the Senior Pastor back
SP: where have you been all this while?

Me: (lying) I was sleeping when you called me sir.

SP: quickly come to the office. I want the report for the last week.

Me: I am on the way sir.

As soon as I got to office, I went to submit the report in the Senior Pastor’s office.

SP: Accountant, we don’t just leave the office the way you left.

Me: I am sorry sir.

SP: Accountant it is alright. Someone has been waiting for you for the past 3 hours. She went out briefly but
will be back very soon.

Me: ok sir. I will be in my office.Q

When I got to my office, I got an SMS from Mercy “I feel like bleeping you now” I smiled and deleted the message. No longer I sat Helen called

Helen: Accountant, where on earth did you keep your phone? I have been calling you
Me: I went home to sleep.

Helen: are you in the office now?

Me: yes

Few minutes later she came in

Helen: I have been waiting for you since ages and I was trying your number.

Me: I am sorry. But is that your number? Because I don’t have that line.

Helen: that’s my second line….

As she was talking, a call came in it was Titilayo

Me: (putting the phone on loudspeaker) Ife how are you?
Titilayo: Mike I am fine o. and how is work?

Me: work is fine. Just that I slept in the office yesterday night

Titilayo: Kilode? (Why?)

Me: Kolade’s fiancée came yesterday night unannounced

Titilayo: eeyah. I am sorry. I will send 50k to you next week

Me: for what?

Titilayo: to get a room around that place.

Me: I don’t need the money because a church member has decided to give me an apartment in her compound.

Titilayo: okay. But, I will still send it

Me: ma fi owo yen je obe ata ati eja odo (I will finish it on pepper – soup and fresh cat – fish)

Titilayo: (laughing) Mike……you no well. If you like finish it on pepper – soup. I know that I will collect it back when I’m through with NYSC.

Me: ok o madam. Ttyl

Titilayo: why do you want to end the call?
Me: the Church Account officer is with me in the office and…..

Titilayo: (purred) just that I missed your c^ck and I wanted you to flirt with me on the phone.

Me: we will chat later. Love ya.

Titilayo: love you too.

As soon as the call was ended, Helen said

Helen: so you are this bad

Me: am I bad? I am just a gentle man to the core.

Helen: for your fiancée to have missed your c^ck, means it is as sweet as honey

Me: thou shalt not covet thy neighbour……..

We both laughed together and we had a short meeting. But before she left, she was begging me to come to her house.

After much persuasion, I accepted the offer. When she was about leaving, I sneaked behind Helen and squeezed her b^^bs. A slight moan escaped from her mouth
Helen: Accountant, don’t let us start what we won’t be able to finish.
Me: I dare you. (squeezing her nippl£s)
Helen: will you be available this evening.
Me: no. I am going to inspect my new apartment today.

She turned back, gave me a quick kiss and left my office.
To Be Continued…


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