Story written by towoju oluwande
The following day Ifeoma was the first person to greet me on my way to the office. When I got there, I received a call from Titilayo


Me: my bae

Titilayo: Mike, you don’t call me lately these days or is it that those girls in that church are deceiving you?

Me: Bae, those girls wan scatter my medulla oblongata. If only you see the sizes and shapes……

Titilayo: dem wan die (she laughs) how are you loverboy?

Me: I am doing just fine.

Titilayo: good news mike. My visa has been approved.

Me: (sighs) I am happy for you. But ……

Titilayo: but what dear? Are you not happy for me?

Me: I am happy but I wished you will come to Ibadan immediately after your youth service.

Titilayo: where do you think I am speaking from? For your info, I am in Ibadan.

Me: what You got to IB and you didn’t tell me

Titilayo: meet me at my Aunt place.
Me: send me the address

Titilayo: I will (call ends)

As soon as I got the message I discovered that the place was where I was living  I called her immediately

Me: Titilayo, how are you related to Mrs Adedokun?

Titilayo: do you know her?

Me: she is the one I am living with.

Titilayo: that’s good. She is my Uncle’s wife. I just came in some minutes ago. So what should I prepare for you my husband?

Me: your pu33y.

Titilayo: ok will be waiting for you.

As soon as the call ends, I received an SMS from Ifeoma “I want to Bleep you tonite” when I read it I was shocked because both Titilayo and Ifeoma will be at home together; then I deleted it from my phone.

I decided to close from the church late but not until I was having persistent calls from my bae, and Mrs Adedokun. When I got into the compound, I wanted to sneak to my apartment but Ifeoma was hiding at the shrubs. When I passed there, she grabbed my hands and pulled me in

Ifeoma: Mike why did you come late?

Me: nothing just that I’ve been busy

Ifeoma: please Bleep me. I’m Hot.

Me: don’t kill me o. my bae is around.

Ifeoma: your bae? I didn’t see anyone in your apartment today.

Me: she is in your house

Ifeoma: what Titilayo is your girlfriend
Me: perfectly sure.

Ifeoma: I don’t care. All I want is that I want you to Bleep me and Bleep me now.
Me: (begging) you see as soon as the light in my apartment comes on, she will come to my place and I don’t want anything to happen. Besides you both are in – laws. I will make it up to you.
To Be Continued…


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