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LESBIANISM: Who is to be blamed? Men of Course..!!!

Homosexuality is something our society and culture never create room for. I have gotten series of encounter with different people that practice this but the one I choose to write on is the Woman to Woman aspect popularly known as Lesbianism. Whose fault? Women of Course”. God forbid I do such.

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10 Signs That True Love Still
It’s been said that chivalry is dead and that the sands of
time have corroded true love into a thing of the past. Though
chivalry and true love are rare, they are still very much a
reality. Here are 10 signs that true love still exists.
1. Successful Marriages
The only thing more precious than a public promise of
lifelong commitment, between a husband and wife, is the
actual fulfillment of those vows. The members of
successful unions share a time-tested bond, a bond so
genuine that perhaps it ignites sparks of jealousy within
your own heart. This is not a bond of perfection, but a bond
that represents what true love encapsulates: hard work,
growth, honor, and fidelity.
Occasionally, this bond is immediately noticeable. Perhaps
it’s the contentment that they have with each other’s
presence, where words are unnecessary. Or, it could be that
energy that seemingly radiates when they’re together.
If one searches thoroughly enough, successful marriages
can be found everywhere. There are marriages which have
lasted 30 years, 40 years, and there are magical stories of
people who have true love not because they found it, but
because true love found them.
Successful marriages are those which not only pass the test
of time, they are unions that enrich and inspire, providing
evidence that true love exists and giving you hope that you
may someday taste it.
2. Newborns
Whether or not you like children, you can probably admit
that there’s a magical nature surrounding newborns. There
are few things which bring a smile to people’s faces as
often as seeing a completely dependent, utterly vulnerable
Infants are signs of true love for 2 reasons:
1.) Innocence
There’s an innocence that comes with true love. A fun,
playful nature towards that special someone. It’s what
makes a spouse tease the other, surprise the other, show
extra affection towards the other when he/she thinks that
nobody is watching. Infants are a manifestation of this
2.) They are products of love
These young ones are the product of the physical,
emotional, and spiritual oneness that results from sexual
intimacy. The physical expression of true love is so powerful
that it produces a miracle by creating life .
3. Arguments
Any substantive relationship – whether friendship, family, or
romance – will have its fair share of battles in the forms of
arguments, disagreements, or conflicts. This is not to be
confused with relentless, unproductive arguing. Nor does
this include physical or emotional abuse. Instead, this refers
to healthy disagreements which lead to productive
resolutions and maybe even personal growth.
It’s much easier to avoid conflict than to address it, and
healthy arguing shows that those who have found true love
care enough, about each other and the relationship, to
address the difficult issues.
4. Forgiveness
Forgiveness. How can a word that rolls so easily off the
tongue be so difficult to practice? C.S. Lewis described
forgiveness as the most difficult of Christian virtues, more
difficult than abstinence itself.
Forgiveness is that healing gel which enables couples to
survive their battles. Forgiveness doesn’t denote weakness.
Rather, it represents strength. Forgiveness is the fortitude to
not necessarily forget, but to overlook trespasses and act in
an unvindictive manner. The virtue that is forgiveness
embodies selflessness, humility, and love, all harmoniously
packaged together.
5. Literature
Literature provides a quick way into the mind of a person
whom you don’t know . Literature can also be an educational
tool where you learn not only about true love’s reality but
also about the depth of it.
A Grief Observed is a series of reflections portraying C.S.
Lewis’s grief following the death of his wife. Whether or not
you believe in God, you will see that true love is so real, so
heartfelt, that it can cause a world renown Christian
apologist to question the existence of God.
Gary Chapman is an author and international speaker on
marriage and relationships. He’s respected by many as the
unofficial expert on love and is best known for his Love
Language series. Gary Chapman has If you want to know
whether true love is real, simply read Chapman’s works, the
literature of an expert who experiences true love, helps
restore marriages, and share his wisdom worldwide.
These are just a couple of examples. There is a breadth of
available literature that you can read to familiarize yourself
with the nature of true love , infusing you with the education
and motivation you want and deserve.
6. Celebrities
The stereotypical tales of celebrities’  downward spirals are
far too commonplace. However, if one digs deeply enough,
the celebrities who aren’t endlessly splattered over the latest
tabloids may have something to contribute in the “True Love
You may not hear too much about Danny Devito’s marriage
which has lasted since 1982, or Michael J. Fox’s marriage
which has remained in tact since 1988. And then there are
legends such as Iron Man A.C. Green who waited until age
38 to marry and find true love.
Denzel Washington, a household name, a man whose been
voted one of the most beautiful by People Magazine, a man
voted America’s second favorite actor for 2012, has been
married for 29 years . After minimal investigation, the
reasons for his stellar reputation are obvious. As a man of
integrity, he’s donated time and money to various
institutions and continues to be a role model on and off the
screen, all while maintaining a healthy relationship with his
wife and children.
Regarding Hollywood,Nollywood the media chooses to impress certain
stories and images on society. Only when one dusts off the
tarnished surfaces does the sparkle, that some celebrities
have to offer, shine.
7. The Brain
Perhaps the most tangible evidence of love is that it can be
“seen” . It may surprise many that advances in neuroscience
make this possible. According to the Times Online , scientists
studied the brain scans of couples who were in love, after
showing those individuals pictures of their loved ones.
The brain scans showed that viewing the pictures of their
loved ones produced chemical reactions in the brain. Even
more fascinating is that the brain scans of some individuals
who were together for 20 years or more showed similar
chemical reactions to individuals that had recently fallen in
love! This signals that love can very well be maintained over
extended periods of time.
The authors of the book Hooked provide warning when they
detail that brain centers which signal “passionate new love”
are the same parts of the brain which detail infatuation. In
other words, brain studies cannot differentiate between
infatuation and new love. This should be of special concern
to teens whose brains are still molding and impressionable.
Above all else, this is evidence that relationships and love
should be approached cautiously.
Love exists, it can be “seen”, and it can be maintained
through the years. However, it is not to be confused with
infatuation or lust. Love is not to be taken lightly.
8. Friendship
Google “friends let you down” and you’re greeted with a
staggering 680 million+ results in .22 seconds. The internet
is saturated with quotes and poems about true friendship as
well as personal accounts of friendships dissolving due to
betrayal. In a society which tends to trivialize friendship
along with romantic relationships, “friendships” are often
recycled far too quickly.
Genuine friendship is rare. A genuine friend will accompany
you through your greatest achievements and harshest
shortcomings. True friendship takes time to develop and
mature.The best of friendships can sometimes lead to the
best of relationships and friendship will be at the core of any
substantive romance.
Friendship is what enables a couple to stay together
following horrific tragedies that impair a spouse’s physical
abilities or health. This is because true love is more than sex
or self fulfillment. True love embodies that fun and
emotional intimacy that couples experience as a result of
their friendship.
If you have a genuine friend, you should thank him/her. Not
only because of the fact that true friendship is rare, but also
because your friend is a sign that true love exists: that friend
of your’s will, or already does, bring that friendship quality
to a romance or marriage.
9. Chivalry
Chivalry, although rare, is certainly not dead. While
friendship serves as the foundation of a romantic
relationship, chivalry stems from the dimensions which
allow a relationship to transcend friendship: attraction and
sexual desire. Chivalrous men and women are evidence that
true love exists because often times these are the people
who find, respect, and understand true love.
Chivalry is more than being “nice” or holding open doors.
Several people are skilled in the art of charming others, and
many will perform acts of kindness providing that they have
an attentive audience. Chivalry comes from the heart and is
a way of life. Determining a person’s way of life and heart
takes time. This is why chivalrous individuals are best
discovered through careful scrutiny and word of mouth from
trusted sources.
The chivalrous woman respects herself, knowing that
there’s a sexiness in dressing in a way that leaves
something to the imagination. She understands that she has
more to offer than her body, nor does she give herself to
undeserving men.
It’s the chivalrous wife who encourages her husband,
building him up in a world that would rather break him down.
The chivalrous man would never pressure or manipulate a
woman into sex. He knows that a woman is his equal and
that being an authentic man means respecting women, not
taking advantage of them. He excuses himself from
conversations which include crass remarks about women.
It’s the chivalrous husband who buys flowers for the house
because he knows his wife appreciates it. It’s the chivalrous
husband who prepares a bubble bath for his wife when
she’s had a day she would prefer to forget.
10. You
You yourself are a sign that true love exists. More
specifically, it’s your desire that serves as the sign. Would
you define yourself as a hopeless romantic? Do Jane
Austen’s novels and adaptations unlock the chambers of
your heart? Once you discover what desire is capable of,
you may start viewing yourself as hopeful rather than
Best-selling author and psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud details
the principles of personal and professional success in 9
Things You Simply Must Do to succeed in Love and Life. The
first principle he discusses is desire, which he describes as
one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Dr. Cloud
explains that the invisible world is where the visible world
originates and that our physical surroundings and
environments originate from within the souls of human
He couldn’t be more right.
The school which you attend exists because of the desire of
people to learn, the desire of others to teach, and the desire
of an architect to imagine and fashion that building into
existence. Your favorite TV shows/movies exist because of
an audience’s desire for that movie and the desire of
screenwriters, actors, directors, and producers to make it a
The desire for innovative communication fuels today’s
continually evolving social media phenomenon.
Desire is a powerful tool. The next time you face a mirror,
congratulate yourself, knowing that you – your desire – is
evidence of true love. If it hasn’t already, that inner passion
may yield visible results.

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I have discovered dat good Women actually are the best in d world. Everytin dey do from der day one till d day dey die is all bcoz of sombody .. She dresses very neatly coz she dosnt want guys to hate and insult her. Wen in a relationship, dey do evrytin to make dere boyfriend happy.

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